Caron, Ski Racer and Mother of Four

I have been patient of Rick Jusko, PT since 1999. I am a 51 year-old female who was diagnosed at 18 with degenerative joint and disc disease. I was a national level ski racer from 1968-1972. In 1999, I started experiencing severe lower back trouble, ultimately resulting in spinal fusion surgery at L4, L5 and S1 in 2001. Rick Jusko has provided me with continuous physical therapy on my back for 11 years, and now also for my neck (C1-C7). There is no “cure” for my condition, and it progresses from one joint to the next. The symptoms are bone spurring, bulging discs, and loss of soft tissue between bones in the joints. I have had joint repair surgery on my left knee, my right foot (screws inserted), and my lower back (rods, screws, and cages inserted).

I am the mother of 4 children, ages 18-24. Rick Jusko, PT, has seen all of my 4, high-level athletic and competitive children. All four children played competitive soccer on year-round premier state teams and in high school. Some of their injuries over the years were ACL surgery for left knee (screws and hamstring tendon graft, 11 month recovery), broken Tibia and Fibula at the ankle growth plate (surgical screws inserted), broken right Tibia with surgical rod insertion (11 month recovery), and rolled ankle (5½ month recovery). Rick Jusko provided months of extensive physical therapy for each of these injuries. All children were able returned to competitive soccer after their recovery and release from physical therapy.

I have been required by my insurance company to see other physical therapist occasionally throughout the years, and NO one compares to Rick Jusko, PT. His knowledge, expertise, professionalism, compassion, and encouragement are all qualities that make him an incredible physical therapist. For anyone needing physical therapy for any reason, I highly recommend Rick Jusko, PT.

Kathy, new patient to Rick’s office

When I needed physical therapy for my knee I looked for an office that didn’t have many therapists. The office I used to go to had multiple therapists. I never knew who I was going to see, and I didn’t like it when I had to explain my problem to a different therapist every time I went. Here, I know I will always see the same PT and treatments will be consistent.

Jamie, Self-proclaimed “Weekend Warrior”

I highly recommend Rick Jusko as a Physical Therapist. I am an aging ( 54 yr old ) weekend warrior (skiing, volleyball, Basketball, etc). I have had two extensive shoulder surgeries and numerous bouts with my lower back over the past ten years. Rick has helped through these and other ailments. The work in the office as well as the education and “homework” have helped my through some tough times

Krista, Hip Replacement Patient

I was diagnosed with congenital hip dysplasia and underwent my first hip surgery at 5 years old. After 3 hip surgeries, bilateral hip replacements, foot surgery, and a torn meniscus, I’ve had my share of PT. I’ve always been impressed with Rick’s knowledge, creativity, and sense of humor. I come back every time, and I’ve referred several friends.