Get ski-ready now to avoid injuries

Maybe it’s been a few years since you hit the slopes and you’ve decided to dust off your skis. Wait! Preparing for ski season properly will almost certainly prevent problems. Have Rick evaluate your joint integrity. Any lingering pain along a joint line or the front of the knee can signal trouble. “Pain inhibits strength,” says Rick Jusko, PT, owner/director of Seattle Hill Physical Therapy. “Weakness causes most injuries.”

In addition to screening joints Rick will give you the strength activities that mimic slope demands. While doing squats is an activity most of us know to strengthen thighs it’s also very important to do exercises that prepare for the hopping, turning and side-to-side motion of skiing.

“One of the most overlooked components of skiing is the lumbar flexibility and strength, keeping the chest perpendicular to the fall line requires tremendous low back and hip flexibility and strength,” he says. “Skiers are flying down the hills at 40 miles per hour. Skiers need dynamic balance training.”

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