Regular shoulder exercises can reduce injury

Here are some easy shoulder exercises that you can do to strengthen your shoulder muscles and prevent injuries.

These tubing exercises can strengthen internal and external shoulder rotation. (click photo to view video. Used with permission of

Basic Shoulder Strengthening

Attach elastic tubing to a doorknob or other stationary structure. Facing the tubing, stand far enough away to begin stretching the tubing. Now gently pull the elastic tubing toward your body, keeping the elbows relatively straight. Hold for a count of five. Repeat five times with each arm. Perform twice a day.

To strengthen internal and external shoulder rotation stand with your feet perpendicular to the tubing. Clutch a rolled up towel to your torso with your left elbow while grabbing the tubing with left hand with your left forearm across your abdomen. Pull the tubing tight by moving your left hand in an arc until your left hand is directly in front of the body. Repeat 10-12 times, then turn around and repeat with your right arm. Then reverse the starting position so that your hand starts slightly rotated toward the tubing anchor point, towel still between elbow and torso, then pull the tubing taut while maintaining significant control of the shoulder blade behind the shoulder.

Wall Push-Ups

Stand far enough away from a wall that your arms are outstretched and palms flat against the wall shoulder high. Now bend the elbows to bring your nose to the wall, then push back to the outstretched arm position. Add a “plus” of pushing your chest away from the wall with hands remaining on wall. Repeat 10-20 times.

Shoulder Dips

Sit upright in a chair with armrests, with your feet touching the floor. Use your arms to slowly rise off the chair. Keep neck elongated. Hold for a count of five. Repeat five times. Perform twice a day.

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