If you have a pain in the back, you may need some backup

If you experience recurring low back pain and your doctor has ruled out underlying conditions, such as arthritis, it might be time to see a physical therapist.

A 2006 study in the journal Spine, found that, at any given time, approximately one quarter of Americans report experiencing low-back pain within the past three months. The causes can be as varied as the people experiencing the pain. But before you do a Google search to find some therapeutic exercises, and start on a resolution to heal yourself, you might want to consult a physical therapist. Without knowing the cause of the pain, you could end up making it worse.

Rick Jusko, PT, OCS, owner/director of Seattle Hill Physical Therapy, says that because there is so much variation in the causes of low-back pain a physical therapist can be the key to ending the cycle of pain, recovery and recurrent pain.

“Unfortunately, back pain is such a common problem stemming from such a wide variety of musculoskeletal issues and medical conditions, it is important to identify the factors contributing to your specific pain,” Jusko says. “Whether your pain is caused by over exertion, or by lack of strength, or poor posture, your individual status will dictate a personalized treatment approach. Each individual’s case is unique, requiring diagnosis and treatment with a plan of care that is suited to your particular condition.”

Jusko says he will carefully evaluate your physical condition, your activity level, your posture, flexibility, strength, body mechanics for the work, or sports you do and assess a number of other lifestyle factors, and then tailor a therapy program suited to your individual needs and most importantly will fit your lifestyle.

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