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If you have a pain in the back, you may need some backup

If you experience recurring low back pain and your doctor has ruled out underlying conditions, such as arthritis, it might be time to see a physical therapist. A 2006 study in the journal Spine, found that, at any given time, approximately one quarter of Americans report experiencing low-back pain within the past three months. The […]

Get to know your back

If low back pain is keeping you from enjoying your favorite activities, sports, or work, learning a bit about the back can help you find relief. While nearly everyone will experience low back pain sometime during their lifetime, it occurs most often in both women and men between ages 30 and 50. The causes are […]

Perfect Your Golf Swing

By Rick Jusko, PT, Director and Phil Vande Pol, PT Appeared in “Summer is Upon Us,” Cascade Golfer, 12/9/08 Time to hit the range and finally put together that perfect swing that is going to improve consistency, lower your score and eliminate those aches and pains. Improper swing mechanics may not only be harmful to […]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is physical therapy? Physical Therapy is therapy which uses a physical (as opposed to pharmaceutical or surgical) approach, including exercise, massage, and other modalities. Physical therapy can be used to address issues and injuries to your muscles and bones, your musculoskeletal system. How do I know if I need physical therapy? Typically people will […]

Physical Therapy

Goal of Physical Therapy At Seattle Hill Physical Therapy, we believe that pain is an interruption in your life, keeping you from activities, games, working, sleeping or all of the above. Our goal is to help you get back to your regular activities as quickly as possible by tailoring a therapy program to meet your […]


Rick Jusko, Director and Physical Therapist Rick Jusko graduated from California State University, Northridge/UCLA Hospital and Clinics with academic honors. He has worked in hospital, neurorehabilitation and outpatient physical therapy environments. In 1992, Rick brought physical therapy to the residential community, an unusual business model, through his status as owner of Therapeutic Associates, Inc. Canyon […]