Frequently Asked Questions

What is physical therapy?
Physical Therapy is therapy which uses a physical (as opposed to pharmaceutical or surgical) approach, including exercise, massage, and other modalities. Physical therapy can be used to address issues and injuries to your muscles and bones, your musculoskeletal system.
How do I know if I need physical therapy?
Typically people will seek physical therapy for either pain or athletic conditioning. In the case of pain, if you have lingering pain, from an injury or surgery, you can often use physical therapy to reduce your pain instead of pain medications. Athletes will often use physical therapy to improve their performance and endurance through conditioning. If you would like to know if you would benefit from physical therapy, you can email or phone us or make an appointment for a free injury screen.
Do I need a doctor referral?
Washington is considered to be “direct access” state, which means that you do not need a doctor referral in order to see a therapist. If needed, we can refer you to a physician to augment your physical therapy treatment. Most insurance companies will cover physical therapy without a doctor referral, but please verify this with your insurance provider [PDF]. If you find that you do need a doctor referal, you may give your doctor our prescription form [PDF] to obtain one.
Do you accept my insurance?
We accept:

  • Aetna
  • Automotive Insurance / Personal Injury Protection PIP
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • First Choice
  • Group Health Cooperative
  • Labor and Industries / Self Insured
  • Lifewise
  • Medicare
  • Premera
  • Regence
  • United Healthcare
  • Private Pay
We encourage you to contact your insurance company directly to verify your benefits – you may use our Verification of Benefits Checklist [PDF]. We will be happy to contact your insurance provider to verify your benefits at your first appointment, as well.
What can I expect at the appointments?
At your first appointment, you will fill out forms regarding your insurance and medical history – you may also download the new patient forms and bring the completed forms to your first appointment.
When you meet with your physical therapist, they will discuss your symptoms and medical history, and then perform an initial exam. The physical therapist will then set up an appropriate treatment program for you, usually including exercises, as well as massage, stim, ultrasound, heat or cold packs, as appropriate for your situation.
After the first appointment, you will continue to follow the treatment program when you arrive under the guidance of a physical therapist or a physical therapy assistant. The therapist will follow and measure your progress until your mobility and function has improved.
What do I wear to physical therapy appointments?
Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for your physical therapy appointment, as you might wear to exercise. Note that the therapist may need to see the injury site, so consider wearing shorts for foot, ankle, or knee injuries or a sleeveless top for shoulder injuries. We have treatment rooms for privacy as needed, and we also keep clean and comfortable clothing to loan to you if needed.