Free Injury Screens

If you have pain or an injury of some kind that you would like to get checked out, schedule a free injury screen. At your appointment, we can discuss the type of pain, what caused the pain, etc., and recommend treatment.

Treatment may involve rest, temporarily refraining from the activity that caused the injury, or a home exercise plan. If indicated, we may recommend further physical therapy appointments or refer you to a local physician. Our patients feel more confident after their injury screen, because they have more information about the severity of injury and a clear plan of action.

Free Sports Screens

At Seattle Hill Physical Therapy, we place a great deal of importance on preventing injuries before they happen. As part of our ongoing effort to educate our patients in this area, we provide free sports screens.

When you make an appointment for a sports screening, your physical therapist will review the types of sports and activities which interest you, and then the therapist will evaluate applicable areas of strength, flexibility and range of motion. By doing this, we can help you spot areas of imbalance, atrophy, tightness or weakness that might cause an injury during training or games.

Timing for Sports Screens

Recommended timing for pre-season sports screens
Sport Best Time for Evaluation
Baseball Early Spring
Basketball September
Cross Country Running Late Summer
Cycling December
Football Late Summer
Running Early Spring
Skiing October
Soccer October
Track & Field Late Winter
Triathlons Late Winter


Set Up a Free Sports Screen Today

We recommend pre-season sports screens for any team or competitive sports – schedule your free injury screen today.