Sports Therapy

Experience with Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts

We have a great deal of experience with sports therapy, injuries and conditioning. Rick Jusko has worked closely with athletes in all sports, especially throwing athletes, as well as golfers, runners, skiers, cyclists and more. Rick is a former collegiate athlete, extreme skier, alpine hiker and is still active as a golfer and cyclist. Thus, he is personally familiar with conditioning needs and how injuries can take away from your enjoyment and success of your chosen sport.

Sports Injury Prevention

Rick places a strong importance on injury prevention through education and conditioning, because the best way to keep an injury from impacting your sport season is to not have one! The first step in prevention is to spot areas of muscle imbalance or weakness that may make you vulnerable to injury. We can help you with our free sports screen, in which a physical therapist will evaluate your condition with regard to your preferred sports.

We also focus on education and conditioning as injury prevention. After your injury screen, we can recommend a program of exercises and stretches that will target any areas of concern, and we will counsel you about how you can improve you performance and endurance. In addition, you can visit our resources section to get more information about injury prevention.

Sports Injury Treatment

If you do get injured, we can work with your physician and/or coach to get you back to the game as soon as possible. As part of your physical therapy, we’ll look into the cause of your injury and help you make any changes necessary to prevent re-injury.

What our patients say…

I am a 51 year-old female who was diagnosed at 18 with degenerative joint and disc disease. I was a national level ski racer from 1968-1972. In 1999, I started experiencing severe lower back trouble, ultimately resulting in spinal fusion surgery at L4, L5 and S1 in 2001. There is no “cure” for my condition, and it progresses from one joint to the next.

I am the mother of 4 children, ages 18-24. Rick Jusko, PT, has seen all of my 4, high-level athletic and competitive children. All four children played competitive soccer on year-round premier state teams and in high school. All children were able returned to competitive soccer after their recovery and release from physical therapy.

I have been required by my insurance company to see other physical therapist occasionally throughout the years, and NO one compares to Rick Jusko, PT. His knowledge, expertise, professionalism, compassion, and encouragement are all qualities that make him an incredible physical therapist.Caron, mother of 4 and ski racer

Top Performance

We help athletes stay on top of their game through…

  1. Education
  2. Conditioning
  3. Injury Prevention
  4. Excellent Treatment